POLITICS - DB4. Links between the Declaration & the Constitution


The Declaration states that the ultimate purpose of a government is to provide security in respect to a citizens god entitled inherent and inalienable rights. The power of a government to accomplish this goal is derived by the consent of the governed.

"The Declaration of Independence and the preamble to the U.S. Constitution together create a people, define the kind of people they are or wish to become, and establish a government. The Constitution describes the institutions for collective decision making" -Excerpt from the Origins of American Constitutionalism by Donald Lutz 

The founding fathers in drawing up our constitution came at it informed by the previous governments that they had experience in their early experiences with governments among the colonies. They were also well studied in the form of government that had been instituted throughout human history. In these debates and discussions the few organizing principles that prevailed in fulfilling the infrastructure of our country as we know and intuitively seem to understand today as Americans are republicanism, federalism, separation of powers and checks and balances. These aspects of government were selected and integrated together in formulation of our current official method of government. The core of the debate for these ratifications seemed to shape the essence of the constitution itself as many framers varied greatly in background yet formed out of that diversity a common capacity to compromise within the framework of our government while maintaining a strict adherence to the meaning invoked through the Declaration of Independence.

It seems that in order to fulfill the mutual interest of the society at large these principles were the best in form to ensure such liberties. Providing representation through election, Shared and balance government between both a national and local formations of government, shared power in legislative branches formed to separate powers through check and balances of each other in conjunction with majority vote. This seems to me just plain genius. I'm an American.

The only addition that I would recommend to our current form of government would be another branch. It would be the house of the people. We would be given a chance to log in to an online secure system and make vote on all current agendas. This would reassert direct democracy into our government in the form of a 4th dimension of check and balance. I believe now do to advances in our ability to interact, inform and connect this is necessary and would be advantageous to the overall health of our political system. I believe if the framers of our government had an internet they would have implement a 4th house for the people, of the people, by the people. Essentially this branch does already exist but we only convene once in a while to vote for our elected officials or to gather petitions. I feel the power has moved to far out of the private citizens hands and that this would be the best way to remedy it.



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