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1-2: INCOME = 0 - 16,000YR

3-4: INCOME = 16,000 - 32,550YR

5-6 INCOME = 32,550 - 70,000YR

7-8 INCOME = 70,000 - 100,000YR

9-10 INCOME = 100,000 - 175,000YR

11-12 INCOME = 175,000 - 350,000YR

13-14 INCOME = 350,000 - 1,000,000YR

15-16 INCOME = 1,000,000 - 50,000,000YR

17-18 INCOME = 50,000,000 -500,000,000YR

19-20 INCOME = 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000YR

21-22 INCOME = 1,000,000,000 - 500,000,000,000YR

23-24 INCOME = 500,000,000,000 - NO NEED FOR MONEY



personal income does not exstend to upper income brackets This is reflected in increase taxation for the more wealthy and as an individual I am always in some way

and by degrees participatory in global economy at its furthest evolutionary peak

/ Also another form of by scale payment

the first practical tiers are reflecting US federal Taxation brackets for 2008

Just because at the 23-24 i've suggested No Need For Money does not mean NO MONEY Neccessarily but a collective world so rich in potential liquidality that all needs

on all levels of social being are met equaly and efficiently liberating all to be free to each thier own personal design.





2 developmental parallels - collective span of humanities progression from early earth histories and span of life for each of us.

MONEY IN 12 TIERS | Integral Life

1 of 3 10/14/2010 1:12 PM

we start out with zero as a species and individually and emerge into an ecology of economy that is simple and blah blah blah lets work on this

3-4: INCOME = 16,000 - 32,550YR

the more income we have is relevant to our individual and collective ability to do something with all that money and at first take care of our basic needs / these lower

stages offer us an income to take care of mostly those needs not much more.. NOTE/ THIS IS STILL A PERSONAL AND POSSIBLE FAMILY SIZE INCOME/ SO IN TURN LIKE

CONSCIOUSNESS MODELS HEDGES ONE IN TO PERSONAL INFLUENCE AND MONETARY INTEREST/ we only have enough money for ourselves and possibly our family and may

still be dependent / if not for income we are greatly dependent on our jobs and participate in a type of economic slavery and dependence - *build here**

5-6 INCOME = 32,550 - 70,000YR

Great! Now something is happening - I don't know what but more money is being made and perhaps we have more time and better jobs.. I am in 3-4 at this time and I

don't get vacations and can't afford to take off work but hear many in this class have actually got paid vacations, sick days and benefits including insurance and

retirement plans// wow! more freedom and respect, better living environments and **build here**

7-8 INCOME = 70,000 - 100,000YR

While we gain in income we typically gain in social responsibility - first thing we pay more in taxes right. Then we also have in a lot of cases positions with greater

authority in the circle of influence and control (supervisors of managers, regional, district and through the holoarcies of leadership - it really is the same each upper

level of management includes and oversees you know the lower .. **I don't know where to draw exact descriptions, lets work on this**

9-10 INCOME = 100,000 - 175,000YR

Still greater span of interest in companies and corporate responsibility - each gaining reach into cultural and social political and commercial domain / just look at the

people who have these incomes and gain a full directory for each tier respectively/ let there duties and conveniences/ positive attributes and negetive define each/

show the good and the bad potetials in interelation with those who reach a high economic bracket with low end cognitive drives and suss out the eventual balance in

natural corrective tendency / don't feel lost in this / things are about to get interesting and though each line is independent from another perhaps they also can not be

but are more reflective of each other and we could manage our associative models in general simplicity// ooh yeah i like that / what is that, oh yeah fractal parts of the

whole where we can see the whole from one line / right! pattern recognition... (with the basic platform understanding an individual specialized in any other area may

be capable of linking up and drawing strong integral components that apply across the span of interaction.. I'm Rambling...

11-12 INCOME = 175,000 - 350,000YR

Ok so now we have great economy coming into play perhaps we can start to talk about the income of not individuals but collectives / now we are not just talking

personal income or family income - we are venturing into the stock market and participating in mutual funds and such as that - **someone take this and run a marathon

with it***

13-14 INCOME = 350,000 - 1,000,000YR

The collective income of cities maybe / so understand this is like an arrow running back on itself - what i mean is this.. when you talk about commercialism / we all

participate in this either from the point of view of the producer or the consumer - also we all have rights to participate in our government / now the political line is

gonna merge here with the economic because well they can not work without the other and if you look back down the line from here at least when I do it looks like we

could have been talking about either line, though i've not seen a tier by tier description or walk through of the political also now the political is controlled by monetary

influence / so as these money groups expand beyond the wealth of political bodies they gain greater influence over the lesser capital of the political body / interesting

conspitorial fun yeah?!

15-16 INCOME = 1,000,000 - 50,000,000YR

As individuals and collective organizations continue to expand they also / and this most likely began happening in the first stage but only know becomes really conscious

/ that is the interlinking and interactive dependence of these groups working together cooperatively for each in mutual benefit in competition and or not / i guess it

isn't always for a mutual benefit.. organizations reach out beyond themselves.. ** more work to be done **

17-18 INCOME = 50,000,000 -500,000,000YR

who is making this? most likely ahead of the curve in defining these but i'd say at the nexus we see mass linkage happening on all levels// schematics for advanced

statistical grids - how it all fits together and the I don't know - how the money flows senerios - why is this important and what does it mean / as the money group grows to

be more inclusive and understanding it also begins to lose its finacial gravity / what i mean is / its sphere of influence is disipating and returning to the lowest fraction /

we have children and we take care of them / to a child / a dollar SEEMS like a fortune/ in my estimation this is a token that can elevate our worth/ the same is true

above - money is liquid and digital - collective worth projected into the future and **build here***

19-20 INCOME = 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000YR

So now we can recognize at any level that we are a part of this greater collective - government and world economies colliding and becoming great ecology of global

interaction and pattern - we are all participating and have the right to participate at this level - the definitions of these greater oceans our undefined and freer -

imagination - your imagination and ability to be included in this growing community and i guess realize how in someway you have one part of yourself in each monetary

plane brings you to equal with all on par

21-22 INCOME = 1,000,000,000 - 500,000,000,000YR

ok National economies and future realities right - something like that - breaking down the connections between not only the first historic line / that of humanity through

all stages of our collective history and the way that each frame of economic equivalence has marked a substantial shift in consciousness but also the 2nd line of

individual growth and the personal comprehension of owns own journey in current time frames through the parallel / this is key really to build on our comprehension of

each domain and escape the confines of time relationships to current moments - noticing that this moment is every moment in history / realize that money is an abstract

nonreactive substance / i don't know what i'm talking about either - but fun stuff all the way - stepping toward extremes of spiritual cognition ok - but mass conspiracies

I'd place here - world controllers - extraterrestrial formulations -- **build here*

23-24 INCOME = 500,000,000,000 - NO NEED FOR MONEY

ok how about this - Heaven is upon the earth for those who will see it kind of stuff - the Kingdom is within - my point here is this - money is no object - Look at Bono on

stage or Mick Jagger bow like to unto the King at the end of a performance - PRICELESSNESS INCARNATE - potential to create I manage... potential to produce unlocked

totally - but I want to make strong the idea that i have in my view that this is a place we are now and to realize this brings can bring all other lines and streams and

others into fruition.. it is the most fun to meditate form me on this.. I am priceless and have unlimited means and so You / like look at the lillies of the field right// wait

- now not only that but in the first frame we are dependent on perceptual exteriors while here we are unplugged and completly dependent on the ultimate source and it

gets all live and let die watching the wheels go round and round perhaps.... yet it is the same source, and everybody knows that from varing degrees of individual

interpretation and this is the junction from which all other stages fall in to inform economy.

For me it is about finding the moment and standing in it completly and feeling totally fufilled and completed as the endless formatlities before us filter through aut aut

aut aut aut.....

In the manner of pricelessness incarnate and all I can do to live life from that calipur of Wit with graceful intent.






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