Choose from 12 positions either light or dark

The template is bundled with 12 developmental variations, each of which can have either a light or a dark mainbody. Also, there are High, Medium and Low modes, in regards to the detail level, which allows you to choose from either, a more graphically intense or a more graphically conservative variant of your interpretive style of perception. True stylistic versatility.



The intention in the area is to describe the multi tiered arangment of entries from a varitety of positions in personal blend of arrayed complexity.  pointing to the idea that I will be filtering whole dimensionality of being through segmented formats spun throuout the site.  Intermeshing the conglomerations with dispersals of consideration from previous work while cosisitantly informing entries from constant momentum of current conditions and live interaction.

20 years ago this project begun.  It held several stages.  It is funny here to note if only to myself in warrent of edit down the line of this paticular article that all today all I have to show for the compendelum of all my effort is a totally blank website.  HOLY HELL how did it come to this!  In the same instant remember that full circle empty is the way of perfect exhibition.  In the end the story will be shown for what it is and the totality of experience will be relayed.

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