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Integral Life is your lifelong companion for growth.....

Dear Friend,

We live in a complex, fast-paced world that has many of us literally chasing the tail of our own busy lives. We often ask ourselves why our activities don’t seem to fit together in a way that makes sense. If you think briefly about your job, what motivates you, how you communicate with others, your exercise and nutrition, your spiritual practices (or perhaps none at all), your friends, your relationships, what you read, etc. ... do these things all make sense to you in a way that feels like you are living an authentic expression of who you are (or want to be)? If not, Integral Life may be able to help you better understand your life and how you experience it.

Running between the yoga studio and work (in jobs many of us are not in love with), reading about the daily disaster in the morning paper, hearing the latest culture war in religion or politics, putting on one persona for work and another for our family life... the list goes on and on. Integral living is about taking these separate parts of our lives - seemingly fragmented parts - and organizing them in the only place that counts: our own awareness. (In fact, our awareness is the only place where fragmentation can possibly be integrated.)

Living integrally means a life where things finally make sense through broader and deeper awareness. Integral awareness allows you to expand and deepen your experience of every moment, make sense of your world and your relationship to it, and to organize all the fragmentation of modern living in a way that doesn't exclude any part of you. An integral life is a way to process your own life experience that includes everything you are while leaving nothing out. Imagine living in a state of self-awareness such that in every moment you are capable of saying "Here I am, fully present. I know who I am in this moment and why."

This is what integral awareness can do for the life you lead right now, just as it has for some of the most successful people in the world, from the world's most respected academics and spiritual teachers to Hollywood producers; from journalists to heads of state; from university professors to yoga dads. If you want to join the Integral Life community in using the most comprehensive map of human awareness ever developed to make sense of your life, we welcome you, and look forward to getting to know you.

Loving regards,

Robb Smith

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

P.S. And remember, you are complete right now. The perpetual seeking for a better life will always yield a feeling of inadequacy. What Integral Life offers you is not more self-improvement knowledge or tools that make you feel inadequate, but the opposite: a way to fully understand your life experience, the natural result of which is radical freedom that in turn produces well-being in every moment.


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