the next generation of NERvOSIC fUSION

Quantive, the Rebuilding of NERvOSA 2011, encapsulates the notion of simply complex, featuring a more subtle and conservative attitude, in contrast to previoius production. Naturally, the website Framework forms the core of communication, driving the complex mechanisms and features that lie in the heart of the project.

 In this.. more.. the work to come from john michael davis will be significant as any piece of scripture yet found from the dark of desert caverns this earth still holds prison.. endless fresh ideas effecting the better in every form of artistic and scientific expression.. yet the absolute simplicity of his working style will shimmy in the halls of humor for ever.. but not before a substance can be found will stand the test of eternity.. that those halls might be built.. not only creative origination but practical intelligence.. with this.. the entire academic world has been molted by the very mind developed by it.. you will have an experience.. an immediate turn on an obvious meditation of intention

doctorate of philosophical engineering.. masters of d-synthetic hypnosis

John Michael Davis (work compiled 1995 - 2011)

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