powered by the family framework

The Family Framework is the defacto core of our recent production, which provides an unparalleled foundation of functionality in the interaverse. It dramatically extends the core templating / extensions ability of nervosa to produce true versatility and flexibility, for both development and awakenment alike.


One of my favorite of all time turn of phrase creation was the notion of cut-break-reality structuring, a similar notion as multi-tasking and i guess that is sort of what it is only and however on a much larger platform of comprehension.  Cut-Break-Reality-Structuring or CBRS is a comprhensive conscept of complete periphial behavior perception and arrangment of personal conditioning.  It is required to function at a peak level of creative intesity for consistant durations.  An inclusive and semi informally transparent vortex must be harnessed that is anchored in disclosure of direct realities of circumstance.

My work can not be total if not informed and influenced by those who I have around me at all times.  My Wife, children and perhaps pets and extended family and the entire population of the earth.  This also is inclusive of my current position in the world.  My preoccupied duty or "job".  It is what I currently due to survive and it is a fudemental focus of my time. Every influence around me has a place and I have some connection.  In time an association will be arrived at.  You can not fuction at peak creative mode unless all obsticals are included into the representation stream of activity.  

My journal process at one time took me to this zone.  I then broke down the process and began to augment it to a more live event horizon through audio spoken work expirementation after that I began formating for live internet functionality or world live direct interaction.  The idea was to exhibit to the world in a live interactive environment the totality of the odyssey of awareness as it happens on the spot accross the full specturm of our social contract.  To reach that very same creative crest through a live interactive format that is well balanced with life.


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