Fasting Day 22

Interesting:  Day 22 liquid portion of sliding phase fast... in the last 3 days I gained 2lbs.. This is so Cool!  The point here is that I find a in path to a water fast that is secure for my return to ordinary after the my water fast which will start soon though I don't know the exact day.. I do not plan the how many days ahead I will consume only water or if I may even go a day without water.. or a few days with water only and slide back into juice and back again into water.. I feel really great.. by great I mean a few steps better than a caffeine buzz.. but it is constant from morning to night with sleep that as far as gauging it would go a 4 of best sleep ever with the sleep I was getting being a 1 or two before starting the fast.. this number is low because I have high expectations for incredible vivid lucid sleep of which i am not getting at this time... I started at 175 and am now 160 and maintaining at 160.. this is curious back when I did a 25 day distilled water fast i started it at 140lbs and dropped to 110lbs.. that is 30lbs.. by starting at 155-160 i have much more room for a fasting.. did you know that fasting is not only a science but also an art? That Boxers and extreme fighters, the best of them have some extent of great control over diet.. i guess it could be said of all extreme athletes who participate at the world level except some golfers, who play it under the radar of the obvious. What do you expect from your fast?


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