Fasting Day 40 and 5 days later

General Notes

  1. I lost 40lbs
  2. wieght 175lbs down to 145lbs.
  3. Effectively eased into regular foods with a spinach soup.
  4. Have consistiantly maintained regular solid food consumption with no problem behavior


Corrective Notes

  1. A lot of days I consumed only juice and no water.  Need to consume more water.
  2. I may have consumed more liquids than nessecary, a bit more control of size of portions.
  3. Less seasonings in soups.
  4. toward the middle of the fast I felt that my body was ready to have only water yet I did not feel ready for it mentally and could not let go of my plan to consume liquid juices and nut milks for 40 days. Still it is important to listen to the body and if it feels good to consume nothing it is a good idea to do so.



  1. After a few heavy days of physical activity my lower back began to hurt especially in the morning. It currently after a few days of solid food has not been in pain, only lightly as though healing.. the possiblity is that lower back was not able to heal when consuming only liquids or it was weakend by the lifting as was healing. my sence is that the liquid diet may have been the reason I had lower back pain but have no substantial reason to understand that. Just that after 5 days on solid food my lower back feels 95% great!
  2. I had high energy most every day on liquids. I had no craving for caffiene and energy typically was above ordinary consistantly throughout each day.
  3. I had 1% illumitave hallucinogentic exprience on this withdrawl from solid food.  It was in the form of one lucid but not so rememberable dream and subtle but normal external sync that was hardly noticable to ordinary conscious interpretations. kind of a bummer. This a liquid fast of 40 days in the way I just did it could be conscidered very mentally stable for an ordinary individual just looking to loose weight and increase energy as it does not seem to access a spiritual or transcendant state of awareness.



  1. the longest liquid fast to date: 40 days / nut milk / fruit juice with pulp / water / carbonated fruit juices/ vegetable soups
  2. loss of 30lbs in 40days


Next Plan

  1. The plan is to remain is a solid food status for a week or so
  2. organize consumptive habit to include more liquids and less solids.. as my energy levels were very high on liquids only and it is important to maintain them without the use of caffiene, thing is I can already feel the urge of my addiction to have an enrgy drink
  3. To enter back into a liquid diet in the next 2 weeks after haveing a bit of all the food that was interesting to me during obstain
  4. To cosume mostly water in the next fast a tri phase fast of solid/ liquid / water on rotation to reach 125lbs


Notes for reporting technique:

  1. I must try never to forecast intentions to heavily.  It is important to make plans.  It is more important to illuminate and refer to the overreaching life style template that is in formation to this common or uncommon end.  Stratus of arching trends of requisite behavior are secondary and only temporary, a great dexterity and flexibility in ones ability to shift gears in the management of perceived and imagined craving is necessary and could be considered yogic and artful if understood from my perspective according to what I have just accomplished in landing this 3 degree flyer of a 40 day obstain from solid food loss of 30lbs into the 7th degree of consumptive habit without any blow back side lurching binge or purge. 
  2. The Goal is Optimum Self and the optimum self is gauged on a degree of personal happiness uninhibited by conception of a limit or signified directive. Happiness is a personal and arbitrary self interest and does not have a true gauge or meter sync in with AQAL as far as I know.  My synthesis aims to accomplish this and does in the phrase, "optimum potential possibility" .  to build a frame of behavioral inter-aching modes that are always targeting optimum potential possibility in both the individual and the collective while maintaining in actual condition of balance overall health in freedom of choice for both parties yet seeking to clearly define where choices lead in the mainstream statistical meta pattern for a cohesive social trajectory in health management and how best to maintain or reach into those zones behaviorally in mass.
  3. Don't follow me I am off the beaten path now.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner... What!
  4. I may just be bored.


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