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Government is the organizational structure of management that has been established within a group of individuals who share a common border.

Governance is the general process by which any particular government works to manage the lives of its people.

I believe that governments place is to assist its people is getting along together within the world or land that they share. I understand that there really isn't much that goes on within a society legally that to some extent has to be authorized by a government.  I imagine that it could be fair to say that there is nothing that the government does not have a say on.

The way of law for a nation of people defines the kind of freedoms that they will have within that country. When a freedom is declared for a group of people it does not mean that the government is not involved in it, such as the freedom of religion, it means that the government authorized the right of the citizenry of that government the freedom to follow a form of spiritual belief without fear of persecution in the act of performing such belief. The government will defend this right within the individual and as a group against any force of public opinion might infringe upon it so long as it is decent and does not violate more substantial laws in the realm of civil obedience.

This government is inherently involved in personal religious belief though it may be a granted freedom the government is still the dispensing governance of this right. The question becomes, how much control over a peoples activities and behaviors should a government have? Every possible situation is under review constantly in our country.

One of the behaviors that I would like to see a new kind of governance over would be the speed limit. I never in my life of 38 years have had a chance to vote on how I feel the government should handle the management of travel speed. I am not suggesting that the hand of government be removed from supervising the roads and handling the aftermath of obvious violations to public safety, however I am saying that the government should not be allowed to fine and ticket drivers who have not caused harm or collision in the process of their offense to themselves or others civilians. They could stop them, patrol them, slow them down in dangerous circumstances but ticketing and fining I believe unconstitutional and unfair.  It comes down to the tax payer paying a governmental agency to fine themselves when arbitrary rules are broken that they themselves do not abide at all times.  I like to believe the majority has some say in the laws of our country however when it comes to the traffic laws it does not seem to be true, because I'd venture to say that the majority of drivers in our nation break the speed limit nearly every day.


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