POLITICS - DB2. Tyranny

On the House of World Map of Freedom it is apparent that the lands west of the Atlantic ocean are nearly all free but for a few Countries south of the equator while the majority of the lands east of the Atlantic Ocean are not free or are only partly free.

I am excited to learn that The Freedom in the World survey is an annual evaluation. I am immediately interested to know more. I have studied Spiral Dynamics, a branch of psychology based on an 8 tier generalized cross cultural model of developmental consciousness that works to evaluate developmental trends of culture and government to in some instances assist in the role of diplomacy. It seems that Spiral Dynamics is complimentary to the Freedom House methodology of grading a degree of freedom to a country based on the fundamental amount of human rights granted by a government to its people including political rights and civil liberties while operating from the assumption that freedom for all people is best achieved through the appointment of a liberal democratic society. Spiral Dynamics suggest that only societies who's core population has reached at least beyond the fourth stage of development can have a liberal democratic society. It so happens that liberty and freedom is required for developmental evolution and developmental evolution is required for liberty and freedom to emerge in the form of governmental agency. This is interesting when looking at the map and thinking historically about the migration of humanity into the earth.  To see that the furthest points from the origin of our species on our globe seem to contain the most governments with high marks for freedom and makes for interesting thoughts about the status of India as a free nation.

The reading suggested that in some of these countries that are not free an individual is not even allowed to make friends or speak to others in a casual way. I believe I would lose my mind and eventually be imprisoned. I think I would either fight or escape to the mountains where I would become a hermit. Perhaps in another instance I could have been born to the leadership of one of these grand dictatorships and in my turn won control. I would enjoy the spoils of tyranny while my people suffered a gruesome abuse of power, only then I would be giving up my dignity as a human being.


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