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Future of Psychedelics

By the time LSD has been found useful in common medical use it will be obsolete by emerging nutritional intelligences that allow controlled and lasting changes and incremental progressions into development of psychedelic commonalities of perception.. but after more than 100 experiences with a psychedelic and more than 100 advanced prolonged fasting experiences I have concluded that this must be a private independently traveled road of personal discovery. the benefits of such practice is not directly translated through map anticipation and is likely not capable of compulsive instigation or investigation but requires an inward drive motivated from the source of an individuated sense deeply informed in cellular intelligence or intuition toward ultimate fulfillment in awakening that in its actualization requires original expressions that can not be modulated in common cultural formula or situated in universally known templates, however precise in composition of unilateral imprints or imitations. Each individual is a unique being capable of vast creativity, however these experiences have not concluded to derive common realizations upon multiple practitioners in any culturally productive way without the strictest of guidelines at the direction of highly trained or professionals or obsessively practiced technicians of a chosen form of expression and I am not one of those doctors who has an end goal of rendering altered state modalities into common compartments of acceptance of death reductionism, i mean who is the individual who chooses to get authorization from the government to study this in this day and age any how. I don't have time for this research because I've already selectively moved beyond it... one of these days perhaps it will become clear, this accomplishment that I have endured to describe, but I don't know that the evolutionary event horizon is concerned with the coveyance of cognitive understanding for the purpose of common replication however focused on that accomplishment I may have been.. I believe the desire to illustrate technique for advanced altitudes of awareness creativity has been a major road block to my own personal attainment of such altitude in terms of direct actualization of absolute accomplishment of grace attainment.


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