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Building R2 - D2 Lego Star Wars III

It is a bit more difficult than the previous saga. Azlyn (4) was having a big breakdown trying to build r2 d2 when rescuing it from the Body Guards of General Grievious who had dismantled the droid into 4 pieces. I couldn't figure it out either due to Azlyn had placed R2's legs together first and that seemed to lock them in to position and we couldn't get passed it for some about of gamer tears. Well we quit playing and went about our day and Azlyn had had a nap. When he woke up he Immediately wanted to play that same level. I said, "it is to difficult, we don't know how to build R2." He says, "I had a dream and I know how to build him now. It took him very little time with flawless use of the force to build R2.. He yelled excitedly, "Mama, Mama, I had a dream and I learned how to build R2!" Lego Stare Wars III

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